Diamond Face Shape? Select Jewelry to Match Your Elegant Beauty

Diamond Face Shape? Select Jewelry to Match Your Elegant Beauty

Diamond Face Shape

If you have a diamond-shaped face like Ashley you’ll want to balance your proportions by creating the appearance that your face is longer.

Here is a real quick recap of how to tell if you have a diamond-shaped face shape:


  • Forehead: The width of your forehead is narrower than the width of your cheekbones
  • Cheekbone: cheekbones are significantly wider than the forehead. Cheekbones are also wider than the jawline
  • Jawline: Narrow chin, often with a strong point. 
  • Face: the length of your face is about the same as the width

Your face shape has a huge effect on which jewelry matches you best. The right earrings or necklace can complement your best features, while the wrong jewelry can exaggerate your look or draw too much attention to certain areas of your face.

Pick styles and fashions that accentuate the dramatic cheekbones that are the core of the diamond-shaped face.


Add width to a pointy jawline with dangling earrings with teardrops, pear-shaped or triangle drops. 

Echo the diamond-shaped face with dramatic and angular styles using triangles and cut crystal--or soften the look of the diamond-shaped face with hoops.

Avoid styles that are overly long, as they will lengthen the diamond-shaped face. To minimize a narrow diamond-shaped face or a too-long nose, use styles that creep up the ear or have wings that sweep upward. 

Ashley’s long earrings in the first photo very clearly accentuate her angular jawline, whereas the triangular earrings in the second photo broaden her jawline and bring balanced proportions to her face.


Necklaces should complement the neckline worn, as well as the wearer's other qualities: chokers emphasize a long neck, a long string of pearls worn flapper-style lengthens her torso and low-hanging necklaces with drops accent a low-cut neckline. 

Consider whether to downplay the angles of the diamond-shaped face with softly curving shapes such as the collar or princess necklace lengths or to accentuate the sharp features with more angular or modern styles.

The low neckline and long necklace Ashley is wearing in the first photo draw the eye down and accentuate the length of her face. The high collar and large hoops in the second photo balance out her face by creating the impression of a shorter face and wider jawline.

The crucial part of designing for face shapes is to ensure that the jewelry chosen is proportional to the size of the face. No matter its shape, a small face will become overwhelmed by oversized earrings, even in the recommended styles.

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