How Jewelry Helped Me Move From Fear and Self-doubt to Compliments and Confidence...

How Jewelry Helped Me Move From Fear and Self-doubt to Compliments and Confidence...

Let me tell you a quick story…

Several years ago, I worked in a male-dominated industry, where I was always treated differently and was referred to as "the office girl."

I wanted to express my femininity without being judged by men or attract unwanted attention.  To look and feel confident and to be taken seriously. To be who I was.

Over time I was losing confidence and my own identity. I felt I was becoming what was expected of me and began to think I was just the pretty girl in the office with no input to give and never taken seriously. I was starting to lose the ability to find joy in life.

Why should I even try? Will it make any difference to my confidence or how others will treat me? Will I ever find myself again?

I had lost who I was and felt like I was no one special and had no worth. I lost the little things I liked about me, little things that gave me pleasure and self-value. I wore the same hairstyle, a ponytail, every day. I hadn't painted my fingernails in over a year.  I worried too much about what other people thought of me and was in constant fear of being unfairly judged.

Then, as if by chance, something incredibly freeing happened...

On the walk home one day, something shiny and bright caught my eye in a store window. It was a gold ring. I went into the store, bought the ring, and wore it home. I saw the beauty in it and how it made me feel looking at and wearing it.

Over time, feeling the joy and confidence that first ring gave me, I continued buying more jewelry. I felt beautiful and confident with every new piece. I even stood up taller. Wearing rings would make me smile every time I caught a glimpse of them on my fingers. Seeing my earrings in a mirror made me feel like I had an identity. It was subtle, but it was enough to give me a boost and always gave me a reason to smile.

I planned to continue buying quality jewelry that I could wear every day. Pieces that I found beautiful and that others found beautiful. I was never going to worry again about what others may think. Everyone, both males and females, can appreciate something pretty without being degraded. Every piece of jewelry is a piece of art and an expression of who you are.

But there was still a problem…

How to keep my identity growing and not lose it again? I had to ensure that I continued building my confidence, knowing that I always looked my best.

I experimented and practiced with different outfit and jewelry combinations. I researched and found the information I needed to give me the confidence to know that what I was wearing suited me.

How would different pieces suit the shape of my face and body? What colors best suited my skin tone? What shape earrings and necklaces worked best with various outfits? How to stack rings to make fingers look longer or how to wear a statement piece. Looking at trends and picking out what suited my personal style.

The ability to match pieces of jewelry to every occasion with confidence always makes it worth it. I never had to worry again about what others may think because I felt the joy of wearing it for myself. I felt my self-value, and I stood tall.

Along the way I was also inspiring others to do the same, seeing them grow in confidence too.

All women deserve to have the confidence to have an identity. To not feel repressed and to conform to others' expectations. To feel a change in one's self-worth by taking simple actions for yourself will always be worth it. We all need to stand tall and have something to make us smile, to remind us that we have value and that we can express ourselves in our unique way.

A little bit of joy goes a long way.

The beauty of the pieces made me feel strong, which added to my joy and self-worth. I can share these beautiful things with my friends and family and always remember how each piece made me feel or how it made someone else smile. 

As I grew in confidence and self-belief, my career grew and developed, to the point where I had the confidence to start my own business.

And that's how elleCee Jewelry came to be; to help women like you feel confident and beautiful, to see and believe in your value, and to find joy in your life.

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