Rectangular Face Shape? This is for you...

Rectangular Face Shape? This is for you...

Rectangular Face Shape

If you have a rectangular face like Olivia you’ll want to balance your proportions by creating the appearance that your face is wider.

Here is a real quick recap of how to tell if you have a rectangular face shape:


  • Forehead: Hairline follows a straight line. Forehead about the same width as the jaw. Usually have a “tall” forehead.
  • Cheekbone: minimal curves to the cheekbones. The sides of the face follow a straight line from jaw to forehead. The width of the cheekbones are about the same as the width of the forehead and jaw
  • Jawline: Strong, square jawline. Sides of the face follow a straight line from jaw to forehead
  • Face: Face twice as long as it is wide. Face has a square resemblance but appears slightly longer.

Your face shape has a huge effect on which jewelry matches you best. The right earrings or necklace can complement your best features, while the wrong jewelry can exaggerate your look or draw too much attention to certain areas of your face.

This face needs jewelry that adds width and camouflages its length, so any styles that create an illusion of width will be flattering for a rectangular face.

Look for jewelry with curves, crescents, and other round shapes to create a softer look 


The rectangular face is ideal for wearing large, bold styles and wide chandeliers with color, movement, and drama that will add width to the face and camouflage its length.

Choose opposite shapes such as large rounds, curves, crescents, and other wide, space-filling designs.

For a rectangular face, look for round earrings that will add curves to your face. Opt for round studs and rounded cluster earrings. 

Avoid square earrings as well as anything that is long and thin.

The long earrings in the photo of Olivia on the left emphasize the length of her face, by drawing the eyes up and down. In contrast, in the second photo, the hoops widen her face, and the rounded neckline and short necklace add curved contours to the image.


Look for necklaces with round shapes, such as pearls, or necklaces that remain in a rounded shape near your collarbone. 

To add width, choker and collar necklaces are good choices to break up the vertical line that occurs with a rectangular face. 

Avoid long drop necklaces that further lengthen your look.    

The long necklace, long earrings and long hair all accentuate the length of Olivia’s face. In the second photo, the choker necklace and pearl earrings break up the vertical lines of her face and give it more width, balancing the proportions.

Strong horizontal clothing lines make the face appear wider and more oval. This face shape is often accompanied by long and thin bodies, so choose necklines that are wider than long.

The crucial part of designing for face shapes is to ensure that the jewelry chosen is proportional to the size of the face. No matter its shape, a small face will become overwhelmed by oversized earrings, even in the recommended styles.

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