Selecting Jewelry to Suit a Round Face Shape

Selecting Jewelry to Suit a Round Face Shape



Your face shape has a huge effect on which jewelry matches you best. The right earrings or necklace can complement your best features, while the wrong jewelry can exaggerate your look or draw too much attention to certain areas of your face.

Here is a real quick recap of how to tell if you have a round face shape:


  • Forehead: rounded at the hairline
  • Cheekbone: width of the face is more or less the same as the length
  • Jawline: rounded with very subtle angles
  • Face: length of the face is about the same size as the width

If you have a round face you’ll want to balance your proportions by creating the appearance that your face is longer.

Look for angular jewelry that contrasts with the round lines of your face, such as long earrings and necklaces with pointed or geometric pendants. 

Any styles that draw attention to a strong vertical line will be flattering for a round face.

Your main objective is to avoid jewelry that makes your face wider. (eg. round, stud, and cluster earrings)


Long drop earrings lengthen the line of the face but can be created in soft curving shapes such as pearls or glass. 


Vertical lines of elongated, linear, drop-style and narrow chandelier earrings will add height and provide an overall slimming effect for your face, emphasizing vertical lines.


The photos above show how the roundness of Ginnifer’s face is exaggerated by the smaller earrings making her face appear wider, whereas on the right the long thin earrings create the appearance of an elongated face, by drawing your eyes in the vertical direction.


Longer, looping necklaces draw the eyes down and lengthen the look of the face. 


Large focal components that create a V or draw attention below the neckline also create a powerful triangular point that creates a longer line. 

Necklaces worn above the collarbone can exaggerate the round shape, so keep this in mind when choosing your new jewelry. 


Keep in mind the necklines of your clothing - Round faces need strong vertical clothing lines to add angles and lengthen the face. 

Round faces are often accompanied by curvy and rounded bodies, so choose necklines that are longer than wide.

Avoid rounded necklines 

Maisie’s photo on the left shows how the round choker and neckline with the small earrings create width in her face, making it appear rounder. The second photo shows a combination of a deep v neckline with a long necklace, which creates the appearance of a more elongated face shape.

The crucial part of designing for face shapes is to ensure that the jewelry chosen is proportional to the size of the face. No matter its shape, a small face will become overwhelmed by oversized earrings, even in the recommended styles.

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