Thinking Outside the Square - Selecting the Best Jewelry for a Square Face Shape

Thinking Outside the Square - Selecting the Best Jewelry for a Square Face Shape



Square Face Shape

If you have a square face like Margot you’ll want to balance your proportions by creating the appearance that your face is longer and more rounded.

Here is a real quick recap of how to tell if you have a square face shape:

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  • Forehead: hairline follows a straight line. The forehead is about the same width as the jaw
  • Cheekbone: Minimal curves to cheekbones. The sides of your face follow a straight line from your jaw to your forehead. The width of the cheekbones are about the same as the width of your forehead and jaw.
  • Jawline: Strong, squared jawline. The sides of your face follow a straight line from your jaw to your forehead
  • Face: is about as long as it is wide

Your face shape has a huge effect on which jewelry matches you best. The right earrings or necklace can complement your best features, while the wrong jewelry can exaggerate your look or draw too much attention to certain areas of your face.

The objective for the square face is to soften the angles, creating the appearance that the forehead and jawline are narrower, and lengthening the face, to draw the eye up and down.

The square face needs a strong vertical focus for the eye to follow. Low necklines with gentle curves, accompanied by the longer necklace lengths and minimal earring styles, will create a vertical visual line. 


Round contours of hoops, long teardrops and long, narrow chandelier earrings will visually soften the edges of a square face while adding visual height. 

Avoid short post (button) and wide chandelier styles and anything very angular in appearance

There is a subtle difference here with the width of the hoops changing the perceived proportions of Margot’s face - the wide, jeweled hoops draw your eye to her jawline, making it appear wider, whereas the thin gold hoops are more subtle and give an appearance of greater length to her face.


Square faces need necklaces with length and curves to soften the strong jawline.

Princess-length necklaces are suited to square face shapes (extends just to the top of your cleavage) since they create a vertical line to lengthen the square face.

Round pendants to counter the strong angular elements of the jaw work well, as does any necklace with lots of curves and flowing shapes. 

Avoid anything that is shorter than the collarbone or longer than bust-length.   

The necklace in the first photo adds width to Margot’s face, but it also has so much going on that it draws your eyes down, giving the perception of extra length to her face. The long necklace in the second photo creates a long vertical line and helps to elongate her face, as well as adding curves to break up the angular jawline.

The crucial part of designing for face shapes is to ensure that the jewelry chosen is proportional to the size of the face. No matter its shape, a small face will become overwhelmed by oversized earrings, even in the recommended styles.

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