Pearl Earrings - The Essential Item In Every Jewelry Collection

Pearl Earrings - The Essential Item In Every Jewelry Collection

Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings are a true essential in your jewelry box and you won’t have to worry that they’ll go out of fashion or that they won’t match all your outfits. 

Regardless of your age, complexion, style, or size, they can add an instant glow to your face.

Pearl stud earrings are a classic, understated option for women who want a versatile accessory that goes with anything, from jeans to little black dresses. 

Because they are quite small, pearl studs are appropriate for any occasion and dress code.


A more modern trend is to incorporate a diamond accent with the pearl stud earring.

Pearl drop earrings hang a little bit below the earlobe and there’s a pearl that “drops” at the base. 

Drop-style earrings are appropriate for daytime, but they can also be worn with an elegant outfit for a sophisticated evening event.

Dangle pearl earrings are similar to drop earrings but are usually longer. 

For an understated look, opt for dangle earrings that only feature one delicate pearl. 

To glam up a simple outfit, choose a pair with several large pearls.


Chandelier pearl earrings have an elongated drop in the shape of chandeliers that dangles below the ear 

This makes them the perfect accessory for formal occasions such as weddings or a gala dinner.

Climbers give classic pearls a fresh modern twist. 

Earrings in this style “climb” up the ear lobe when worn, but only require one single piercing. 

Hoop earrings can be round or oval and can be worn for casual, corporate, and social events. 

Small hoop earrings are more appropriate for the office, while large hoop earrings add a playful touch to an elegant outfit.

What size pearl earring?

There’s no such thing as right or wrong when choosing the earring size. It’s all up to you and how dainty or statement you want your outfit to be.

Small pearls, between 6 and 7 mm, have a more delicate feel, and they are the perfect accessory for women who prefer subtle, dainty earrings. 

This size is the most versatile, you can count on it for every occasion.

Pearls between 7 and 8 mm are viewed as iconic and they are the most classic for pearl stud earrings. 

More noticeable than small pearls, they frame your face with immediate radiance and are the perfect accessory for work or any occasion.

Pearls between 8-9mm and above are harder to find, which makes them a statement reflecting success and sophistication. 

Special events such as galas or weddings are the perfect events for pearls of this size, but if you want to incorporate them into an everyday outfit, they look great too.

Pearl earrings are a classic, timeless, and versatile accessory that can be worn on a daily basis or for special events. Whatever the occasion, they will always highlight your beauty and wrap you in an aura of charm and effortless style. 

Far from being yet another accessory in your jewelry box, pearl earrings can be a unique personal statement and a celebration of femininity.

Pearl Jewelry Buyer's Cheat Sheet

Right, so i know that was a lot to take in, so to make it easy for you to choose pearl jewelry, we have put together the Pearl Jewelry Buyer's Cheat Sheet. It’s like having the cheat codes for the pearl jewelry business.

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