Pearl Necklaces - What is A Pearl Necklace? How Much is A Real Pearl Necklace Worth?

Pearl Necklaces - What is A Pearl Necklace? How Much is A Real Pearl Necklace Worth?

 Pearl Necklaces

Today, the beauty, appeal, and style of classic pearls — whether freshwater or saltwater — finds its way into almost every woman’s wardrobe.

Subtle, luxurious pearls boast multiple personalities that suit the many customers who choose them. These wardrobe staples have resurfaced with contemporary twists to charm a new generation

Pearl Necklace Styles

Classic Strand

The classic pearl strand is still very popular. 

Pearl Necklace Lengths

Collar: 10 to 13 inches and sits directly against the throat. Worn high on the neck, fitting it tightly. Suitable for dresses with V-opening and with open shoulders.

Choker: 15 to 16 inches and sits at the base of the neck. This classic necklace of a single strand of pearls suits every style of neckline. This is the most versatile necklace – perfect for daily occasions, as well as for stylish parties.

Princess: 17 to 19 inches coming down to the collarbone. Suits best with a round or slightly higher style of neckline. Works well with pendants.

Matinee: 20 to 24 inches. Traditionally worn for semi-formal occasions, works well with suits and dresses


Opera: 28 to 35 inches. Generally considered to be of royal length. Can be worn both in a single-strand or doubled over, as the double Choker

Rope: 45 inches and, generally, any length greater than Opera. It can be looped and doubled or tripled over for shorter length styles. 

How to wear a pearl necklace casually

More modern designs are using pearls in multiple ways and for multiple occasions. No longer are they just for formal occasions, they can be worn as everyday jewelry.


Station necklaces are a more modern take on the classic strand

Pearl pendants are a beautiful way to highlight a quality single pearl


Keshi pearl necklaces have beautiful luster and organic style

How much is a real pearl necklace worth?

This is totally dependant on the cost of the pearls in the necklace. Check out this article on How much are pearls worth.

The type of pearl influences the value, with the most valuable cultured pearls being South Seas Pearls, followed in decreasing order by Tahitian, Akoya, and Freshwater pearls

In general, the larger the pearl, and the better the luster and surface quality, and the more attractive the color, the more the necklace is worth.

Pearl Jewelry Buyer's Cheat Sheet

Right, so i know that was a lot to take in, so to make it easy for you to choose pearl jewelry, we have put together the Pearl Jewelry Buyer's Cheat Sheet. It’s like having the cheat codes for the pearl jewelry business.

This will guide you on what to look for to ensure you get great deals on high-quality pearl jewelry.

For a free copy of the Pearl Jewelry Buyer's Cheat Sheet, click the link below.

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